Online Training for Life-Saving Surgeries

In 2021 CNIS’s digital expertise was recognized when it became a WHO corporate supplier for the Product Design & Impact (PDI) Unit. We have been consulted on obstetrical and surgical guidelines in Uganda and Nigeria and have digitized 3 WHO Guidelines on Injury and Violence, Hospital, Community, and Fatal Injury Surveillance for global utilization.   

Digitization of our structured clinical courses, which started in 2015, prepared CNIS for remote teaching in South Sudan and Tanzania during the pandemic with UNFPA & Rotary Global Grant support, and positioned us for the post-pandemic demand to bring skills training to scale. Currently our digitized courses include structured obstetrics, midwifery, trauma, and community clinical training programs, which are taught with hybrid digital/hands-on methods that require fewer facilitators.  Human resource capacity required to scale up and implement programs is recruited from the many skilled African and Caribbean professionals in places where CNIS collaborates.  

To support digital projects within the lens of Canada’s Feminist policy in international development, we received GAC funding through Grand Challenges Canada (GCC). We tested the concept that the Community Maternal Danger Score app would reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria. With GAC funds provided by the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT) we proved the effectiveness and efficiency of digital teaching of midwifery with rigorous scientific methods and this was expanded to include a module on respectful maternal care.

We continue to digitize and test courses. In 2022 we digitized Trauma Team Training (TTT) with funding from the Global Surgery Foundation of Geneva and in 2023 the Traumatic Brain & Spine injury course is being digitized with support from the Intuitive Foundation (USA). 

With our digitized curriculum we can strengthen health systems and promote human resources at scale, and we have the experience and expertise to improve resiliency through health system digitization.

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